Thursday, 20 February 2014

Safety Measures

Safety Measures in Railway
Several measures have been and are being taken by the Railways for further strengthening of safety.  

Towards this end, a total of 5,400 unmanned level crossings were eliminated – 2,310 by manning and 3,090 by closure / merger / construction of ROBs/RUBs during the last five years.  

Some other safety measures which have been undertaken/initiated are as under:

       I.            Planning for induction of indigenously developed Train Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) over Indian Railways after successfully completing field trials;

    II.            Provision of improved safety systems with audio visual warning to road users in advance of approaching trains;

 III.            Development of ‘crashworthy’ structural design capable of absorbing high impact loads in unfortunate case of collision/accidents;

 IV.            Offering employment to over 1 lakh persons against existing vacancies in Group C categories in the last five years, and to 1.6 lakh persons in erstwhile Group D categories;

    V.            Provision of Vigilance  Control  Device (VCD) in all electric and diesel locomotives to monitor and judge the alertness of driver to ensure safety of the train;

 VI.            A Comprehensive Fire and Smoke Detection System is on trial on two rakes of Rajdhani Express trains. Based on the success of these trials, this will be extended to all major passenger trains; and

VII.            Besides, various measures undertaken to prevent fire incidents on trains are as under:-

a)      Use of fire retardant materials inside coaching vehicles;

b)      Multi-tier protection for electric circuits;

c)      Provision of portable fire extinguishers in AC coaches, Guard-cum-luggage break vans, pantry cars and locomotives;

d)     Introduction of electrical induction based cooking appliances in replacement of LPG in pantries and

e)      Intensive checks on parcel vans and Guard-cum-luggage break vans against explosives and inflammable materials.

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